It’s all Goa!!

There comes a time in ones life, either in college, or a getaway trip, that we plan to hit the roads and visit Goa. For me it happened during my last year of college. We were a bunch of explorers who had set their eyes for the fun, the adventure and the mystic beauty of Goa. One full week, which started at the arrival of Vasco da Gama, was filled with unforgettable memories and yummy cuisines.

Goa, over the years, has become famous for party beaches, clubs and water sports. But there is also a side, contrary to this that is equally beautiful, calm and relaxing. For someone travelling here, try to explore every aspects and not just the one that are commercialized. To name a few- the unexplored beaches of South Goa, Dhudhsagar waterfalls, Chapora Fort, St. Francis Xavier’s Church and what more than a beach front candle light dinner at the shacks with some great friends.

Definitely a visit of lifetime.


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